dinsdag 23 april 2013

Update incomming postcards

Official postcrossing card received from Germany. I really love this one! All kind of fairytales are on this map where they took place!

Official postcrossing card received from Spain.

Official postcrossing card received from Belarus

Official postcrossing card received from Finland

Official postcrossing card received from The Netherlands

Official postcrossing card received from Ukraine
 Little things PC swap # 7

 Illustrated postcard swap

 This beauty was made for my Birthday last month. unfortunately it never arrived. Lucky for me the maker did make a picture so I know what I'm missing!

Update postcards going out ...

Yes...I know I'm neglecting my blog. I'm trying to put all of my time and energy on my swaps, letters and cards. I'm home now...Flu...That's what the doctor says. But I only feel like I haven't slept for days, ran a marathon (which I'm really not capable for) and run over by a truck. So while hanging in the couch I can finally show some things I've sent.
Here are the Postcards I've sent the last couple of weeks.
If you like to be updated about my in and out going mail... Come check me on instagram. I'm known as mmmm4arijke over there.
An official postcrossing card to Ukraine.

An official postcrossing card to Lithuania

 An official postcrossing card to Taiwan

An official postcrossing card to Germany

An official postcrossing card to Finland

 An official postcrossing card to Germany

 An official postcrossing card to The Netherlands

 An official postcrossing card to Belarus

 An official postcrossing card to Germany

 sent for a swap

  sent for a swap
PC animal#4 swap

Blind Pc swap
 I've sent this PC to someone in Russia. He draws beautiful pieces of art on a PC and you could give your address to receiving one of him. I can't wait to receive and see what he has drawn for me.

donderdag 28 maart 2013

other out going mail

To my pen pal in Germany

answering to Blake

a beautiful butterfly
To my PC pen pal in Croatia

Answering Janaina from Brazil

To Manuela in Germanu for the great swap Drink, eat and read with a pen pal

 Intro letter to Linda, USA
 To my pen pal in Austria
 night view swap
 To Leigh USA
used a free printable from http://www.snailmailmagazine.nl/
to someone who loves the desert

 To Spain... cute envelope
One postcard from one country-swap
sweet to USA
the other went to Norway

Postcrossing cards


to USA

to China
To Belarus

to Belarus

To Germany

To Germany

  To The Netherlands and Finland
To The Netherlands

To Germany

From Finland




The Netherlands